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Karen Hesse

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Karen Hesse has won the 2002 MacArthur Fellows Program, The John Newbery Medal, International Reading Association Award, and the Scott O'Dell Award for Historical Fiction.

Books by Karen Hesse
Phoenix Rising by: Karen Hesse (ISBN : 0312535627)
Nyle's life with her grandmother on their farm is happy until the accident at the nearby Cookshire..More Details
The Music of Dolphins by: Karen Hesse (ISBN : 0590897985)
FROM WILD CHILD TO....? Mila creates headlines around the world when she is rescued from an..More Details
LETTERS FROM RIFKA by: Karen Hesse (ISBN : 0312535619)
“America,” the girl repeated. “What will you do there?” I was silent for a little..More Details
Witness by: Karen Hesse (ISBN : 0439272009)
When a small Vermont town turns against its own in 1924 as the Ku Klux Klan moves in, no one is..More Details
Out of the Dust by: Karen Hesse (ISBN : 0590371258)
"DUST PILES UP LIKE SNOW ACROSS THE PRAIRIE..". A terrible accident has transformed Billie Jo's..More Details
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Books by Karen Hesse

Notable Works:

The Music of Dolphins,Out of the Dust,
A Time of Angels,Just Juice,Sable,Come on,

Awards Won:

MacArthur Fellows Program,The John Newbery Medal,International Reading Association Award,Scott O'Dell Award for Historical Fiction